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Welcome to Real Food University!

Hey, Welcome to Real Food University.

Let me tell you real quick what this site is all about.

Basically, it’s about cooking food that tastes really good and seems all fancy and complex, but showing you that making amazing meals is usually pretty simple and unpretentious.

So we’ll make pizza, pasta, or smoked brisket, and then we’ll follow it with dessert like chocolate-raspberry flan or grilled peaches and whipped cream.

We’ll do simple weeknight meals and more complex weekend meals. And I’ll show you how to quickly dress up any meal you make with a little knife work, a few ingredients, and maybe a food processor.

So if you’re interested in getting more out of your time in the kitchen, then the next thing to do is to create your free account using the form above and get access to the cooking tips and ideas on Real Food University and it will allow me to keep in touch with you.